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Strike Zone

The Strike Zone is an approximately 7500 sq foot indoor Softball and Baseball Facility utilized by Madness Softball, Novi Heat Baseball and the Novi Youth Baseball League (NYBL).    It consists of 3 retractable tunnels in addition to an approximately 60' x 60' infield area.    The Strike Zone is a volunteer run facility.   It has been open since January, 2015.

Strike Zone Indoor Training

48155 West Road   Unit 18

Wixom, MI  48393

(Driveway is off of West Road.   Just West of Beck Road.  It is just past Lorie Lane)

Please note that many GPS directions take you to an incorrect address on West Road.   Please see directions below.

From Beck Road,  turn west onto West Road.   You will go past Lorie Road (on the south side).   After Lorie Road, you will see 3 driveways that are next to each other (about .2 miles west of Beck Road).   Turn into the 3rd driveway.  You are entering an industrial park.  The entrance is directly across from Anthony Drive.  There are a bunch of signs at the driveway including a small Strike Zone sign.   Please drive all the way to the end of the driveway, which is probably 300 yards.   

Questions:  Please contact Carol Aurilia at [email protected].

Novi News article about the Strike Zone.

Parent and Player Rules

strikezone rules 2015 players parents.pdf

Participant liability release form:
participant release of liability 2015.pdf

Strike Zone Coaches Instructions/Rules:
strikezone instructions 2015 coaches.pdf

Strike Zone Schedule:
Coaches:   When looking at the schedule the "tunnels" vs "Field" just denotes the side you will start on.   During prime season, two teams will be scheduled to practice at the same time.   There is a separate tab to show the time to switch based on if it is a weekday or weekend practice.   For example... on a weekday practice there is a 10 minute warm-up, 45 minutes on one side, 5 minutes to switch and 45 minutes on the other side.   For parking purposes, there is a 15 minute transition period between the early and late practice.  Please end on time for the early practice and do not come in too early for the second practice slot.   During non-peak months, there are 8 separate slots that start on the 15 minute mark.   Please note that you cannot edit this sheet.  

Note: The Strike Zone is a volunteer run facility.  A coach or an official assistant coach must be with any player when they are using the Strike Zone as they have signed off to be the responsible person during their reserved time.  Individual players cannot use the sign up to schedule "drop in time" for an individual player.   Individual tunnels can be reserved ahead of time by Madness teams and by Heat head coaches.  Please email to reserve individual tunnels.   Sometimes "drop in" time will be listed on the schedule.   Per the rules of the Strike Zone, an authorized person must still be with the player at during drop in times.  Please contact Carol Aurilia at [email protected] if questions.

January 2022 schedule (will be updated past January 31st on ongoing basis).

Click Here for link to 2022 Strike Zone schedule