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NYBL - Novi Youth Baseball League

NYBL Documents/Rules

Novi Youth Baseball League 

Novi Parks and Rec Weather Hotline - please call for latest updates on practices and games.    248 347 0473

Umpire Training Guidelines

nybl umpire training guide.pdf

Division League Rules

pinto division rules 2019 and playoffs version 4.pdf     (Pinto Rules Updated 5/9/2019)

nybl 2019 game rules.pdf  (Game Rules:   Updated 5/9/2019)

nybl 2018 coaching rules.pdf  (Coach Rules:  Updated 5/2/2018)

nybl 2018 field dimensions.pdf (Field Dimensions:  Updated 5/2/2018)

NYBL Cancellation/Refund Policy For Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony:

Prior to April 5th, cancellations and refunds will be given on a case by case basis.  Minimally a $15 cancellation fee will be deducted to cover Credit Card and cancellation fees.

From April 5th to May 5th, there will be a $75 cancellation fee for all cancellations.  This helps cover the cost of the ordered uniforms.

There will be no refunds starting May 6th.

Please contact [email protected]

NYBL Cancellation / Refund Policy for Colt and Palomino:

A $75 non-refundable deposit is due by May 10th.

Full payment is due by May 20th.

Cancellation prior to May 20th  will result in forfeit of the $75 deposit.

Cancellations after May 20th will result in forfeit of $75 deposit and any additional refund will be handled on a case by case basis.

NYBL By-Laws - approved September 16, 2015

nybl bylaws revised3 dated september 16 2015.pdf 

NYBL Travel Baseball Charter - Approved November 18, 2015

nybl travel baseball charter 2015 final.pdf

Coaches Code of Ethics - Coaches Code of Conduct

Player/Participant Code of Conduct - Player Code of Conduct

NYBL Zero Tolerance Policy - Zero-Tolerance-Policy.doc

Player Waiver Updated June 1, 2020 - liability waiver 2020 updated player waiver.pdf


Baseball Bat Standards and Requirements

2018 (reapproved 2019) - NYBL Will not be adopting new Little League youth bat standards.   NYBL will continue to follow in line with recommendations from 

KVBSA and USSSA (neither organization currently has plans to change to new standards).   1.15 BPF will continue to be the required rating for bats for 14u and under.   The bats with the new Little League (USA Baseball) ratings are legal and will be allowed. 
bat standards 2018.pdf

Penalties for violating these rules are below:

·         1st violation, warning to player and head coach.

·         2nd violation, 1 game suspension to player and head coach.

·         3rd violation, 1 year suspension to player and head coach

Concussion Information 
Concussion Info and Sign off form.pdf

Map of WildLife Woods Park

WildlifeWoodsParkFacilities (5).pdf

Map of Novi Meadows
meadows powerpoint.pdf

Map of ITC

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