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2023 Update -Umpire training date is April 16th 5:00 to 8:00 PM at ITC Field #1

April 12, 2023 Note to Umpires from Jack Janigian:

We are getting ready for BASEBALL and have some important information for you!  

First and most importantly, since the passing of NYBL legend John Slack, we have been looking for a director of umpires.  Someone who can help get this crew going in the right direction.  I have been helping out, but very unwillingly :) while we waited for the right person.  I am very excited that we have the right person joining the team.  

Al Rabinowitz is going to be our new director of umpires.  Al is a LONGTIME NYBL supporter, and has had just about every role in our organization over the years from director to coach, to Heat - and now he takes over the umpires.  As you get the opportunity to interact with him, you will love him, and I really think he is going to take our umpires to the next level!  He cares about people, and he cares about baseball - a great combination!  

That being said - we have a TRAINING schedule for SUNDAY (April 16th) at ITC park on Field #1 (It may move, but should be on field 1 or somewhere close by to field 1)  This is a mandatory training for any umpires in their first three years.  If you are not sure if you should be there - you can text me (248-724-6883) but if you are unsure, that probably means you should be there.  Zach Clark will be running our training again this year, and we are excited to have him.  We will be having additional trainings during the season that Al will announce at a later time.  If you are a newer umpire that is hoping to get some Heat games this year - this is a must!  We will go from 5:00-8:00.   

Umpire Training
Please register or send a questions to Al Rabinowitz  - [email protected]

A $30 fee is due for training.  You can send a check made out to NYBL Umpires:
More info to come on collecting the $30 check.

Also, see: attendance requirements and pre-register instructions below

Umpiring for Novi youth sports is a long tradition for many baseball-minded people in our community.  Umpiring is a great way to learn how to work well in a leadership role.  Our umpires are well-trained in the rules of the game and they are chartered with upholding the honor of the game.

NYBL maintains youth teams that range in age from 7 to 18 years old.  There are inter-league games, select tournament teams and elite travel team play.  Umpires are assigned games appropriate to their experience and skill level.

Pay ranges from $20-$60 per assignment.

The NYBL Umpire staff of 40-50 is responsible for making sure all games are played fairly according to the rules.  On average, umpires have 3-5 years of experience but many have 10-15 years behind the plate.  We add 10-15 new umpires each year.

Individuals that are 12 years and older interested in umpiring should contact the Umpire in Chief, Jack Janigian.  Send a note to stating your interest, your age and umpire experience.

Virtual training attendance requirements:

* All first-time, inexperienced NYBL umpire candidates MUST attend the training regardless of age.

* All returning umpires with only one-year of experience MUST attend at least one day of the clinic to work the current season of games.

* Umpires with two or more years of umpire experience do not need to attend the clinic but they must register.


Registration process:

1) Send Al Rabinowitz a note to [email protected]
2) Attend training and pay fee (A registration fee is not required by returning umpires attending the clinic that do not need an umpire shirt or hat)
3) Pass a take home written test (for clinic attendees)
4) Pickup umpire shirt, hat and brush at Play-It-Again-Sports Novi (included)
5) Buy protective gear if needed
6) Request games posted online
7) Accept or decline games assigned
8) Umpire game and collect pay

Preregister by sending an email to [email protected] .  Note full name, age and previous umpiring experience.