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NYBL - Novi Youth Baseball League

Inferno - Tournament Teams


For the year 2021, there was not an Inferno program offered .   2022 Inferno teams are TBD based on interest level and Coaches identified after registration is complete.

Inferno - Tournament Team Program

The NYBL offers the Novi Inferno Program which are try-out teams which provides additional opportunity for our House League baseball players to participate in weekend tournaments.  The Inferno Program has been part of NYBL for many years and is designed for those families who would want to play in a higher level of competition, but do not want the commitment of a full Travel League Team.

What is the Inferno Program?

The Inferno Program consists of players who registered to play in the NYBL House League.  The Inferno Teams are formed based on try-outs within the player age group.   

Do you have to play for the NYBL House League to be eligible for the Inferno Program?

The player must be registered and in good standing on a NYBL House League Team to play in the Inferno Program.  Tryouts are typically in April after registration is completed.  There is not a residency requirement for Inferno as long as the player is registered for NYBL House Baseball for the season.

What are the expectations for players on the Inferno Program?

Players that make the Inferno Teams should expect to practice an additional 2-4 hours a week once the teams are formed.  The players will be expected to consistently give 100% effort during practices and have a good work ethic towards learning and building their skill in baseball.

How many Tournaments will be played for Inferno Teams?

The number of Tournaments will be based on the age group.    Some teams will decide to play more than 3 tournaments.  If that decision is made, the additional cost will be covered by that specific team and is separate from the NYBL Inferno registration fee.  

When will the Tournaments be played?

The Tournaments are being targeted from June thru the the end of July.  Schedules are currently being put together by Inferno Directors and coaches.  The typical weekend tournament will start on a Saturday (with a possibility of a Friday night game).  At a minimum, you can expect to play at least three games during a weekend.   Two games on Saturday and 1-2 games on Sunday.   The number of games on Sunday will depend on the team’s success at the tournament.

Where will the Tournaments be played?

The Tournaments are typically within a one hour driving distance from Novi. 

Does the Inferno Program cost additional than NYBL House League?

The Inferno Program is an additional cost than the House League cost.  The Inferno Program cost is around $170 to $200. Payment will be paid thru online registration after try-outs and notification that the player has made the team.

What is included in the Inferno Program fee?

The Inferno Program fee includes the following;   3 tournaments,  jersey, fitted hat, and a pair of socks.    Costs also include tournament fees, practice fields and indoor practice time in May, June and July at the Strike Zone. 

If the Team decides to play in a Tournament where an overnight stay may be required, the cost of lodging is not included in the fee.   Some tournaments have gate fees.  Gate fees for fans/parents are not included in the Inferno payment to NYBL.

What are the expected age groups for the Inferno Program Teams?

The Teams will be formed based on interest level and ability at try-outs.   For 2018 and 2019 there has only been enough overall interest to form a team at the 8u level. It is expected that there will be an 8u level team in 2022 (tryouts in April or early May if there is enough interest and a coach identified).   

All additional age groups (10u, 12u and 14u) will be considered if a Head Coach is identified prior to tryouts and that Coach coordinates their tryouts and helps identify and assure that there are enough interested players for a competitive team.

When will the Inferno Program tryouts take place?

In 2021, the tryouts will held in late April or early May.   A pre-registration for tryouts will be sent out to players who are registered with NYBL at that time.